As I work my way through Dallas Willard’s Book, The Divine Conspiracy, I have decided it’s necessary to pause and consider the problematic theology of C.S. Lewis.  Dallas Willard quotes Lewis quite a bit.  C.S. Lewis is far from orthodox, but has a reputation as an orthodox Christian.  Because of this, he is often used by heterodox Christian authors who quote him to give their own assertions an air of orthodoxy.  I would like to remove that illusory advantage.

This is a wonderful and rather brief article, Dr. Gary Gilley of Southern View Chapel, covering the errors in Dr. Lewis’ theology.  I do want to make a disclaimer that I do take exception to one point in the article where Dr. Gilley criticizes C.S. Lewis’ view of the sacraments.  The Bible contains very clear passages supporting the view of the Lord’s Supper, Baptism and the preaching of God’s Word as “means of grace”, as means by which God’s power and life is supplied to his people.   I will not go into specifics regarding that on this post, but just want to note that I differ from Dr. Gilley on that view.

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C.S. Lewis.