Modern Reformation – Articles.

This article by Michael Horton gives an overview of how we American Evangelicalism made the journey from the Reformation theology held by the Pilgrims to the Gnosticism that holds sway in the church today.  This gives a good synopsis of everything expressed by Dallas Willard in The Divine Conspiracy which he presents as something unfamiliar to people today, but Willard’s theology is merely a slightly different branch of the same theological tree.  In the center of this theology is an attack on God’s transcendence and on the idea that Salvation is found outside ourselves rather than within.  

We need no mediator, such as Jesus Christ, to connect with Dallas Willard’s God.  He’s there waiting and eager to be your friend, as close as your very breath.  So far as I can assess, his God is more similar to the Force in the Star Wars movies than the one revealed in the Bible.  This article is good preparation for the final post on Chapter 3 that I will hopefully publish before the end of the week.